Good Morning November 17

The majority of the applications we use on the internet make a lot of money with advertising. I find it an irritation when most screens come up with an ad for something or other stuck on the side. I did see one, though, that asked the question, “What do you live for?” I don’t even remember what they were selling, but it was an interesting question for the start the day. How would we answer it?  “Just the effort it takes to get through another day.” “To earn enough money to pay bills and have some fun at the end of the week.” “To be part of family and friends that make life worth living.”  I guess we feel all of these at one time or another. But as Christians, we are continually reminded of Jesus words in John 10, “I have come that you may have life, and have it to the full.”(vs.10) It is our relationship with Jesus Christ that is a part of everything else we do. Our times in a fallen world are not easy, but Jesus is with us in all of our times.  Our gracious Lord uses all things to strengthen and build us up in life. The question is not so much what we live for, but who lives His life in us? The answer is Jesus, and He makes all the difference.