Good Morning November 24

Good Father, on this day that our nation has designated as a day of national Thanksgiving we do give thanks for the abundant grace You have shown us over many years. We give thanks for the wisdom and values passed down from our Founders that has guided our nation for centuries. We thank You for the saints and martyrs who have given themselves that the truth of Christ has been brought to us. But even more we thank You for the grace of salvation given to us in Jesus Christ, for the gift of true life itself through faith in Him. On this day, Lord, we usually think of the material blessings we have in abundance, and we do thank You for these, but nothing is greater than the abundance of Your love sustaining us each day. Lord, we are a nation in transition displaying much anger and confusion. Have mercy on us, Good Lord. We are a nation having committed many sins, pushing You aside, and worshiping our various idols. Forgive us Good Lord. We thank You that the Holy Spirit has never abandoned us, and we ask of Your mercy that You work in the hearts of all our people that we might humble ourselves looking to You for healing. Father, even in the midst of our trials we give You abundant thanks that You are a God of love who seek our best individually and corporately. Help us on this day and every day to turn the eyes of our hearts to You. For You alone are our hope and our life. Glory to Your holy name through Jesus Christ our Saviour.  Amen.