Good Morning November 25

Opening up my e-mail this morning I had at least six ads for Black Friday sales. Pictures were out last night in the media of people camping out in front of big box stores to be the first to get special deals. The”black” in Black Friday is the hope of merchants that the holiday season will keep them in the black in their financial ledger. Our desire is to heap up more things, and then build bigger barns to keep them in. I seem to remember a parable Jesus told about that! (Luke 12) We all like to give and receive gifts at Christmas time. There is nothing wrong with that. There are certain things we need and want. That’s fine. But we need to be careful not to lose the truths God has taught us about learning to be content, about trusting Him for all things, and putting the needs of others before ourselves. We also realize that we have already been given the greatest gift possible – God coming among us Himself in Jesus Christ and giving us the gift of life. In that is the joy of this Christmas Season.