Good Morning November 30

One of the speakers on Christian radio always ends his program by saying, “Have a good and Godly day. For of what value is a good day if it isn’t also a Godly day?” The Apostle Paul talks about our being with Christ in the heavenly places. (Ephesians 2:6) In other words, throughout each day we remind ourselves that we are citizens of God’s Kingdom, and that we are living in eternity now. We are a part of an unseen, yet very real realm. This give us a wider perspective on all that we do. God is with us, and we with Him. We can converse. We can look around to see where He is working. We have a sense of joy and security in trusting Him. We live in expectancy as to where He will lead. Know this is true for your day. It is a good and Godly one.