Good Morning December 7

Days of remembrance. Today is Pearl Harbor Day remembering the “day that will live in infamy”, when the U.S. was attacked by Japan. We have many such days throughout the year, whether the birthday of a great leader or the anniversary of an important event. We are coming up to one such day, the birth of our Lord we call Christmas. Why do we have such remembrances? I think in order to celebrate what is good, and to learn from what is not. All are intended to help us grow as human beings. But this day coming, this day we call Christmas, is different. It is different because Almighty God chose to intervene in human life by coming into it Himself. Christmas, along with Easter, is God’s direct hand visible in the midst of life. Not only do we look back, celebrate, and learn, but we humbly give thanks and worship One who is not simply remembered in a past event, but is a continuing, active, and redeeming part of each day’s life. It is good to remember, but it is a joy to look forward to all our living Lord has for each new day.