Good Morning December 9

I like to take a walk in the mornings around our neighborhood. I will occasionally see one of our neighbors out walking their dog or getting the newspaper. We will stop and chat for a few minutes. A number of our neighbors are retired couples. Conversation often turns to health and ailments of age.  It seems a topic of prominence when aging people get together. The aging process does have its trials, but it seems that we need to concentrate more on what we have gained in the years rather than what we are loosing. In one of his proverbs Solomon wrote, “A gray head is a crown of glory; It is found in the way of righteousness.”(16:31) Sure, I don’t care for the aches and stiffness that comes with age, but I would not go back to younger years if I had the opportunity.  There is a wisdom, a maturity, a sense of peace, a deeper certainty of faith, a joy of relating to adult children that can’t be found in youth. There really are a lot better things for the elderly to talk about than the growing list of doctors one needs to see.