Good Morning December 12

When we go through trials and suffer a lot of pain we sometimes wonder where God is. Why do we have to go through this? Why doesn’t God answer my prayers? It is a problem, and we do have great difficulty seeing God in the midst of pain. Yet we continually say that God is there, and cares about all we go through. I’ve been a woodworker for many years. I often think in terms of woodworking projects. Let’s try this illustration.  A cabinet or a table, for example. There is pain and force at every stage of its construction. The raw wood has to be planed with knives scrapping off layer after layer until the wood is the right thickness. The boards have to be edge glued with heavy bar clamps applying tremendous pressure. A 40 tooth saw blade cuts through the wood at 3600 rpm to get the right sizes. Holes are drilled, more shaping, sanding, and polishing. At every stage the woodworker is using care, love, and the best of his ability. There is pain, if we can picture the wood with feelings, in order to bring forth something that is beautiful and useful for many years. From wisdom and experience he knows there is no easier way. At each stage he knows the beauty of the finished item he desires. That is the beauty our good Lord is working in us by His gracious and skilled hand. Let us give Him praise, even at times through tears.