Good Morning December 15

I was talking yesterday with one of our pastors who also teaches in a local college. His background is in logic and his course subject is Aristotle. We had talked about the decline in the church in recent years, but he remarked that we face a far more serious problem, a decline in thinking. He said he is trying to teach Aristotle to students with an eight second attention span. This was not just the frustration of one teacher, but a reality that is widespread. Our age of handheld electronics and instant, but often superficial, information has decreased our ability to be quiet in mind and heart, and to meditate on the things God has place around us. The Psalmist invites us to “Be still, and know that I am God…”(46:10) The call to be still before God is repeated six time in the Old Testament. Can we be? Can we sit still  and have a quiet conversation with one or two others? Or can we sit still on a sofa and just think about the Lord, or about life in general? Can we be quiet enough to hear our Lord speak? I hope some can.