Good Morning December 21

What kind of god do we want? Strange question, but one that mankind has been playing with ever since they left Eden. People want a superhero god who will do their bidding, defeat this enemy, heal this disease, still this storm. People want a god who will leave them alone, not interfere with their choices, and bless the directions they take. People want a god they can please with a basically good life because after all no one’s perfect. But the one true God refuses to be stuffed into those packages. The God of the Bethlehem manger is humble and meek, though out of love, He does at times heal diseases, and still storms. The God who was born of a human mother refuses to leave us alone, but is present with His Spirit to touch and change our lives. The God whose birth was announced first to shepherds and not kings is not satisfied with basically good, but works to draw us into His perfect life. The God who was born to a teenage virgin and had a humble carpenter for a foster father is the God who truly loves us with an everlasting love, working in our hearts to bring us into the fullness of His life.