Good Morning December 22

At our church we decorate the sanctuary for Christmas the Saturday before Advent begins. When our little year and a half old grandson came in church that Sunday morning He squalled out in delight when he saw the 13 foot tree, its light and white Chrismon decorations. He ran around waving his arms in excitement. I wonder if we would ever show such excitement at the Christmas event. When I think of the incarnation, the truth that Almighty God, the Creator of the cosmos, the ruler of realms and dominions unseen, the Almighty One whose greatness and glory cannot be comprehended, has loved the human beings He created so much that He was willing to take on a human body, that He was willing to humble Himself to be born of a woman in the most meager of circumstances, so that we might know and come to be a part of His life. The wonder of our little grandson doesn’t come near the amazement I feel at such a thought. I can only fall before the manger in worship and adoration. Think about that. Think about how our great God has done this for you. Let that awe, wonder, joy, and excitement fill your heart above all else that is happening in This Christmas Season.