Good Morning December 26

The wrapping paper has all been torn off and discarded, the gifts appreciated, some put to immediate use, others set aside for exchange. Perhaps a few vacation days to be enjoyed, and then back to work in the new year. The merchants putting up their signs for half price sales on left over Christmas stock. Preparations made for the next big sales season.  Time moves on, but Christmas cannot be put in the background that easily. Christmas is only one part of the whole God event on behalf of mankind. The Prophet Isaiah promised the coming of Emmanuel, God with us. That is what we celebrated on Christmas. But that coming cannot be separated from Good Friday, Easter Sunday, and Pentecost events. God came for a reason. The people of His creation had separated themselves from Him by their pride and self-will. His love for mankind caused Him to do all that was necessary to restore fellowship with Himself. He came at Christmas. He made atonement for our sins on Good Friday. He defeated death, giving us new life on Easter Sunday. And promised His abiding presence by the indwelling of His Spirit on Pentecost. One act of God in the deepest love. No, we can’t set Christmas aside with the used gift wrappings. Emmanuel – God is with us.