Good Morning January 3

This past Saturday we received a postcard from our home congregation in West Baltimore simply saying that their last worship service would be on January 15th. It came as something of a shock and sadness. This is a congregation that at one time had a thousand members, multiple services, multi acre property, large colonial building, and strong community outreach. It is where I was in youth activities, where I met my wife, where we were married, our first daughter was baptized there, and I was ordained there. Now, their membership has dwindled into the tens, they are selling the property, and closing the doors. Things do change. No human institution lasts forever. The doors of a congregations will close, but one truth remains constant. Jesus declared, on the rock of our faith in Him, “I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.”(Matthew 16:18) In spite of the changes that may come, in spite of the trials we may have to face, the Rock of Christ is firm. That faith will see us through anything we face in this life.