Good Morning January 4

When I was a kid – now, that’s a terrible way to start off. It says, “here comes one of those ancient stories we have to endure.” Nonetheless, when I was a kid, we made up all kinds of things. The piano bench and a few lengths of rope was my horse. We would take a few board and make all kinds of creations. We made up plays, and musicals to perform for a captive family. Paper and cardboard boxes became creative tools. Imagination is important. It is part of the creative gift God has allowed us to share with Him. I’m afraid that much of our technology has robbed our kids of using that God given gift. I’ve always taught my kids that if you can’t do something one way figure out another way. Don’t say you can’t do it. God created all that is out of nothing. He has given us that same creative desire. Instead of a video game, give a kid a pile of sticks and a tube of glue, and see what comes forth. It might be a real share of God’s creative nature.