Good Morning January9

God came to man! Do you realize how astounding that is? And the way He came, how contrary to anything we would expect? All faiths, except Christianity, have their ways of man going to God. And the pagan concepts of god or gods were always of great power, doing mighty deeds. We declare that our God of mercy and love, came to us because we are incapable of ever coming near to Him. And He came, not in power, but born of a woman, exactly as we all have been. Astounding! God is Almighty, the Creator of the heavens and the earth. By His command the stars were put in place, and all motion is governed by His will. He hold our very breath in His hands, and knows the number of our days. Yet, He is a God of pure love, who meets us where we are, in all of our sin, pain, and failure. He didn’t come to Lord it over us, but, born as an infant in a stable. He walked the path of life that we walk. He came intending to give His life as a sacrifice so that we could be redeemed. Almighty God became a man out of love for us. ¬†Astounding, and worthy of all our worship.