Good Morning January 12

One of the great difficulties with aging is not being able to do what we once did. This is especially true when it has to do with driving, or some of the basic functions of life. We hate being out of control of a situation, or of losing our freedom to go as we choose. It is a nasty part of growing older, and requires a lot of patience all around. But spiritually, it’s a different question. Realizing that we are not in control is exactly where God wants us to be. It is when we realize that we can’t change our old sinful nature that we rely completely upon God’s grace. It is when we give up trying to please God, and let God’s love flow in and through us that we find the greatest joy in life. It is when we stop worrying about what we can’t do, and do the best at what we can, and do it to God’s glory, that we find real satisfaction in life. It is when we rest in Jesus that we find peace. Getting older physically can be a challenge. Getting older in the Lord is a blessing.