Good Morning January 13

This is Friday the 13th. Some consider that an unlucky day. My mother was born on a Friday the 13th so I don’t consider that unlucky for me. Black cats and broken mirrors, pinches of salt and knocking on wood, the list of superstitions is probably endless. It is all part of the human desire to keep away from bad things, and hope for the good. We really don’t need to trust ourselves to superstitions when there is someone far greater daily reaching out to us. We are the intentional creations of a God who cares about all people. He cares about people so much that He was willing to become one of us. He came to give His life to redeem people from the evil that had entered all life. Jesus Christ gave His life for you so that you could know a far deeper life in Him. If our God was willing to do that much for us, we really don’t have to worry about knocking on wood,if our path leads us under a ladder. Trust in your Lord and have a very blessed Friday the 13th.