Good Morning January 17

It is interesting spending time in an airport as my wife and I have had to do the past couple of days. One sees such a variety of humanity in appearance, dress, nationality, all sizes, shapes. I am not especially outgoing by nature, preferring to stay by myself and with those people who are familiar, but I’ve learned to look at people differently over the years. Each one I see has their own story, there own hopes and desires for life, their own trials and burdens, their own desire to be loved and respected. One particular young man caught my eye yesterday. 20 something, skinny as a rail, tattooed and pierced in every place possible, one on whom I might normally pass a mental judgement and shy away from. But this fellow was traveling with a girl in a wheelchair, obviously with serious medical problems, needing to be lifted from one place to another. The skinny fellow couldn’t have been more caring, more concerned, more in love with his girl in need. I had no opportunity, but I really would have liked to know this fellow better. Sure, there are bad ones, but each one is a person for whom our Saviour gave His life. I can do no less than pray for them, and love them as the Lord gives opportunity.