Good Morning January 18

A person really wants to know that they are important, and their life is valuable. The disciples were arguing among themselves which one of them was the greatest. Was it Peter, often the chief spokesman, or John, later called the beloved, or was it Judas, the treasurer with a good sense for business? We all need the realization that we matter to another person, that we are needed for who we are. Some try to achieve this by excelling in a certain field, or just by puffing themselves up, inflating their own ego. Jesus took a little child, setting him in the midst of the disciples, and saying that here was their model for greatness. The humility and simple faith of a child is of true value. We may have many talents, or just a few. We may have a long resume of accomplishments, or none that the world would recognize. But we are first, and above all, a child of God because of Jesus Christ. We are loved and valued by God above all worldly accomplishments. That is the only status that really matters, and we are on top.