Good Morning January 20

Gracious Lord, this is the day we inaugurate a new president in our country. And to be quite honest Lord, I’m really not sure how to pray. Your Word teaches us to pray for our leaders, and that we must do. We ask You to guide our new President and those appointed to various offices with a wisdom that is beyond their own understanding. You who have guided kings and heads of state in past centuries, guide us now. We are a deeply divided nation, but I think we all seek to be people of good will looking for what is best for all people. But we must fall before you in repentance, for in trying to find that best we have not sought it in You, but in all the idols was have established by our own imagination. In the name of inclusiveness and non-establishment of religion we have pushed you out of public life. In the name of tolerance we have allowed sin to be pervasive. We seek all kinds of programs and laws to set things right, but Lord, only a true change of hearts will bring us what we need. And You alone, through Your blessed Spirit, can do that. Have mercy upon us good Lord. Open the eyes of our hearts and help us to return humbly in repentance to You for healing and life. And above all, Good Lord, hasten the time of Christ’s return. For He alone is the One who can bring us the true peace we long for. We pray in the blessed name of Jesus, our Lord and Saviour.  Amen.