Good Morning January 24

A marriage counselor asked a husband how often he told his wife he loved her? The husband said, “I told her that when we got married, and I told her that if anything changed I’d let her know.” It is probably understandable why this couple was in for marriage counseling. We need frequent reminders to keep a relationship alive. Whether it is the words, a kiss, a touch, or some kindness, we all need to give and to receive these strengthening confirmations. This is no less true in our relationship with the Lord. It is why we are in church regularly to hear, in word and sacrament, the Lord say, “I love you.” It is there, and in our prayers and devotions, that we say to Him, “I love you.” We were made for relationships, and unless relationships are nurtured, they can wither and die. Tell those closest to you, and tell the Lord, “I love you.” And know the Jesus is saying this to you in many ways each day.