Good Morning January 27

I love the Old Testament book of Deuteronomy. Time and time again God speaks as a Father seeking to keep His often wayward children close to Him. At times He must punish, but He never abandons them. He leaves them free to make their choices, but always shows them the path to life and blessing. And over the 1400 years until the birth of Christ, and the following 2000 years from Christ to our present time, He has not changed. God is our Father. He has always been close to His creation. He has come among us Himself in the Son, Jesus Christ. He is a Father seeking us. He never abandons us. He leaves us free to make our choices, but is always showing us the path to life and blessing. As you go to worship this week know that you are coming to the Father of grace and goodness who has, and is, reaching out to you in the deepest love. What greater gift could you receive?