Good Morning February 7

One of the local churches in our area has a prominent sign board displaying the message, “We serve fresh brewed coffee and donuts every Sunday.” The other side of their sign is advertising for musicians to play a keyboard, drums, and guitars. I know that a lot of churches have coffee and donuts, and also keyboards and guitars, including my own congregation. But I had to wonder, is this the main thing we have to offer to get people to come to worship? Are we there to entertain people, and get them to feel at home with a fresh cup of coffee? What about inviting them to come into the presence of the living God? What about giving them the place where they hear the declaration of God’s forgiving grace? What about feeding them with the far deeper and lasting food of God’s Holy Word, and His real presence in the bread and wine of communion? There is much more to the church of Jesus Christ than having an enjoyable hour on Sunday morning. Jesus never wanted us to just have a happy outward life, but to have a true heart change that leads to life eternal.