Good Morning February 10

All through the Scripture, both Old Testament and New, God’s people are called to be different. In the Old Testament Israel was not to mix with the foreign peoples and accept their idolatrous practices. In the New Testament we are told not to follow the immoral practices of the prevailing culture. God wants all people to be saved. Christianity is not an exclusive sect. We are not better than anyone else. But we do have something better in our relationship with Jesus Christ. We cannot show the world that there is something wonderful they need, if we already look just like they do. Mankind is fallen in nature. Through Jesus Christ, God is inviting all people to come up to a way of life that is far better than anything they might gain in the world. People need to see that “far better” lived out in the lives of His people. That is why we are called to be different. This is not a legal requirement of God, but a life lived in relationship to Him that is reflected in all we do.