Good Morning February 22

There are a couple of practice some of us will use in the context of our worship service. I am thinking of individually making the sign of the cross, or using the word “catholic” when reciting the creeds, “the holy catholic church”. These have often been rejected as being too Catholic. (note the capital and small “C’s”). We make no laws of them saying everyone must. Things like this are completely optional, and only useful if personally meaningful. The sign of the cross reminds us that we daily live under that sign. The atoning sacrifice of Christ is the joy and strength of life. And catholic reminds us that we are a part of a universal fellowship of believers who stand together in support and prayer for one another. As I say, only if it is meaningful and not just a “religious thing” we are supposed to do. Our God has called us to come into His presence, and has done everything necessary for us to come. We use whatever is useful to remind us of that truth, and bow before Him in humble worship.