Good Morning February 23

There was an interesting article on yesterday’s Business page of our local paper. Walmart is buying up a number of small on line retail companies with various product lines. What caught my eye was their comment  that they were doing this “to better serve their customers”. Now, I’m not opposed to capitalism and a free market economy, but a statement like that simply is not true. Amazon has a 33% share in the on line retail market. Walmart only has a 7% share. They want a larger chunk of the business. OK, I’m totally out of my field in talking about economics, but truth is truth. And I’m not against Walmart. I shop there. However, I would like to see a little more truth and honesty when public statements are made. This should be true whether for business, certainly politics, and above all the church. We have found it all to easy to color our words for the best impressions. And, yes, I’m asking too much of a fallen world, but at least it should be a reminder for us of the Eighth Commandment not to bear false witness.

[comment son]

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