Good Morning February 24

Do you know what an Avatar is? I didn’t until I looked it up. It is a name attached to a couple dozen different things from a movie title to a racehorse. Originally, it was the appearance of a Hindu deity. But, popular today, it is a person making up a character to play in a video game. It becomes the persons alter ego. A person can make up whatever characteristics they want, strength, cunning, intelligence, beauty, whatever. I’m not at all experienced in such things. It may be fun, and have its place in video games, but I’ve already been made over, and I didn’t do it myself. You and I, dear Christian, have been made over from the inside out, with a heart change by Jesus Christ. He has been working through all of our years to make us into people who reflect His love. We don’t really need to dream up characteristics that make us great. We have already been made great by the free gift of God’s grace. We are called children of God. There is nothing greater.

[comment son]


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