Good Morning March 7

A while back our microwave oven when up. Who knows why?!! It wasn’t all that old, but it just quit between heating my morning coffee and the leftovers for lunch. I even took the cover off and looked inside, which of course the manual tells you not to do, but I did it anyway. Nothing burned, nothing obvious. So there it sits. We also have a 26″ flat screen TV that quit – sound but no picture. An internet search said, “Yes, that does happen sometimes.” Big help! The problem is we are in a day of throw away appliances. It cost more to take it somewhere for repairs than it does for a new one. Now it’s ready for the trash. Very fortunately, God did not make people that way. We break down all the time, in health, in doing what we are not supposed to do, in missing opportunities we should have met. In God’s healing, patience, forgiveness and love, He repairs us, and starts us over again. God does not choose to throw away anyone. In Him, new life is always available. And best of all, it is free.