Good Morning March 10

We have a funeral service today for an elderly friend. She was one who lived her life well serving her family, her church, and her community. She brought joy to many. We’ve known of other death of younger ones far more tragic than this. But whether young or old we are all confronted by the fact of death, and we seek to look beyond it for some kind of hope. We may not fully acknowledge it, but I think we all know that we will be entering the presence of our Creator, our holy and perfect God. Yet we also acknowledge that we are not perfect. How do we stand in the presence of perfect holiness? Is our hope that God, like a doting grandfather, will simply overlook our faults. Or is our hope that we have done enough good in life to make up for our bad. In either case we have no certainty that we will be right with our Lord. We have a much more certain hope than that in the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ. He has made atonement for all of our sins. At Calvary’s cross He took all of our sins, died the death we justly deserve, and graciously gave us His perfect righteousness. In Jesus Christ we can stand before our holy God in the white robe of Christ’s righteousness. By faith in Jesus Christ we have the true and solid hope in which we can rest no matter at what age death comes.