Good Morning March 17

One of the annoying ads that came up on my e-mail server asked, “What do you live for?” and their answer was “Virginia Beach.” Hum! A very serious question, with a very shallow answer. But then, that is much of the advertising business. If you go here, or do this, or buy that, you life will be better and you will be happy. Our Lord would never make it in the advertising business. “Love your enemy.” “Do good and pray for those who hate you.” “If you want to save your life, you must loose it.” “You need to take up your cross and follow me.” These are no shallow statements. But then, the life that He offers is not a passing one week vacation. Jesus is offering us life more abundantly, and, I might add, eternally. Sure, we listen to the advertisers, and we take our short vacations, but what we live for is Jesus Christ. In Him is true life.