Good Morning March 24

Many organizations have initiation rites. Sororities, fraternities, service clubs, lodges, and so forth. Once completed the person is marked as a Delta whatever, a Lion, a Mason, etc. and that becomes part of their identity, loyalty, and comradery. There rally is another initiation rite that we too often forget that is really more important than anything else we are involved in in life. That is our baptism. Baptism is the initiation rite into the Christian faith. It is more significant than any other because it is a work of God on our behalf. We tend to forget it because for many of us it took place when we were infants. Yet it is no less real and significant. It is the day God gave us a new life, saved us from death and the power of the devil, and gave us the indwelling presence of His Spirit. In our baptism He joined us to a fellowship of believers stretching across the globe, and back in time to all the saints who have gone before us. Our baptism identifies us as one who has been redeemed by the saving blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. There is no greater identity than that.