Good Morning March 28

Oh, the wonders of technology. I have my office downstairs. My wife is at her computer upstairs. I have a document I want her to see. I attach it to an e-mail and send it to her. The document travels many miles to some server somewhere, and then many miles back to her computer. Audrey is only 75 feet away, and I have just sent a document many miles to get it to her. Well, we argue, it was faster to do it by e-mail, more efficient and less disruptive of the flow of work. But in the process I missed the opportunity for a few moments of conversation, as well as the exercise (badly needed) of doing the steps. And the work I was doing was not that critical that it couldn’t withstand a short break. We call it efficiency, but the challenge with all of these techno-gadgets is looking at what we give up by using them. I do think we have given up many things that God meant for our good, and set ourselves a pace that causes stress and eliminates time for proper reflection, and human contact.