Good Morning April 4

I am using the internet to send this message. I use it most days for writing e-mails and looking up information. It has become a convenient and increasingly necessary tool. However, it has been shown that continual use of the internet reduces our ability to pay attention, to focus, to think deeply. Using the Web makes it infinitely easier to find information, but much harder to devote the kind of focus it takes to know and understand things. It is the old saying that it is mile wide, but only an inch deep. We obtain things quickly, but don’t really take the time to contemplate what they mean. All things are to be measured against the standard of whether they  bring honor to God, and are of service to others. The two Great Commandments. We must always think carefully about whether the choices we make, and the things we use, have unintended negative consequences. Our priority is to deepen our love relationship with our Lord. Does this ………… (whatever it is) help me toward that goal or not?