Good Morning April 20

I had a check I needed to deposit in the bank yesterday. I know there are apps on a smart phone that let you scan the check and send it electronically to your bank. This is very fast and convenient. I can see where it can have some value. However, I also have to recognize what is lost by doing it in that manner. When I go into my bank I know each of the tellers by name. I ask how they are doing. They inquire about our family. One of the officers gets my Good Morning messages and will sometimes comment on them. To stop in the bank to deposit my check take many times longer than the smart phone app, but it gives me a human contact with four or five people that is far more valuable. I certainly do not disdain all electronics. I’m taking advantage of it right now. But maybe we need to think a little more deeply about what we may lose by always reaching for that smart phone.