Good Morning April 21

We are very much in a cyber world. Even with all the communication it can be very impersonal without real face to face contact. I mentioned yesterday about my trip to the bank and conversations with people there. Those casual contacts are important in a world that tends to depersonalize and dehumanize people. How many electronic voices have you heard when calling some organization? Many people in the service industries, like post offices restaurants, grocery stores, and so on, wear name tags. I’ve made it a habit to greet or thank the person by using their name. In repeated contacts it has opened up other opportunities. I’ve prayed with Dean who tuned our piano. I discussed our faith with George, my barber, and told him I would pray for him. God made us for fellowship with one another and  with Himself. 140 character Tweets, and text messages, even with those little emojis, are not fellowship. The cyber world can be useful, but it must not destroy what God has give for our good.