Good Morning May 4

There is an aspect about modern technology we should consider. We are totally dependent upon something that is completely outside of ourselves. If, for some reason, all of the cell phone towers, and all of the satellites were to fail, all of these cute little boxes we carry around, with their colorful lighted screens, would be pretty worthless. We don’t give it a whole lot of thought. We take it for granted that when we push the buttons they will work. We also take for granted that we will continue to draw our next breath, but even that is not in our power. Solomon wrote, “Remember your Creator before you return to the dust you came from. That’s when your spirit will go back to God who gave it.”(Ecclesiastes 12:7) It is God who holds our next breath in His hand, and it is by His grace that we live. We laud Bill Gates, and the Steve Jobs for giving us the gadgets, but we need to remind ourselves that we are dependent upon One who is far greater. It is our Lord upon whom we ultimately depend, and to Him all of our honor is due.