Good Morning May 15

We had a memorial service on Saturday Morning for one of our young women who had died. Amy was a beautiful Christian whose witness to her Savior when far and wide. Between four and five hundred  friends and relatives gathered for a time of remembering, and for worship and praise of our Lord. For all of the sadness of a life cut short this was a marvelous service of giving glory to God. Jesus was clearly the center of all we did. We focused on the time that Jesus promised that “every tear would be wiped away and all crying cease”.  I couldn’t help thinking, as I looked out over this crowd, This is but a very small glimpse of what heaven will be like. We were gathered for a sad occasion, but in the midst of it our gracious Lord gave us a small view of the hope we have in Christ. Life is difficult, yet Jesus, by God’s grace, has chosen to occupy this life giving us strength for our days, and in His atoning death broke the power of sin and death for all time. In Him, even through tears at times, we can rejoice. Glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


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