Good Morning May 16

Yesterday I wrote about  the memorial gathering being a foretaste of God’s Kingdom. It is interesting when reading the Gospels about Jesus’ preaching and that of the disciples. They all preached about the Kingdom of God. They didn’t present it as some etherial place of eternal bliss in the sweet by-and-by when we die. It is a real place of the greatest beauty, and fulfillment. In the Book of Revelation it is pictured as the New Heaven and New Earth where righteousness dwells. For a couple of days my wife and I are away at a B and B for a time of rest and refreshment. We all plan such trips and vacations. Get-a-ways we call them. But I also think that the desire for a time of internal quiet and renewal is also a desire God has built into us as a longing for the Kingdom. We were created for the Kingdom and our longing is to return to the Garden of our origin. This doesn’t mean, as some may say, that we are so heavenly minded we are no earthly good. Quite to the contrary. Out desire for the Kingdom’s fulfillment increases our desire to share the love of Christ in as many ways as possible so that many will come into a relationship with our gracious Lord. Our message is as it has been since Christ first came among us. Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.