Good Morning May 17

I grew up in the era when radios and TVs were built using vacuum tubes. That’s not quite back to the time when telephones were big wooden boxes hanging on the wall, but close. I won’t take the time to explain vacuum tubes for the younger generation, but at any rate that gave way to transistors, and transistors gave way to microcircuits which now inhabit everything from toy dolls to cell phones, to who knows what else. They have even placed some in people, but that’s another story altogether. My point here is that we have learned how to change the form of a thing, but we have not changed the basic rules that govern them. The exact same rules that govern the flow of electrons in a vacuum tube circuit govern those in a microcircuit. God designed the rules. We only manipulated the outward form in which they flow. Thus with mankind.  Whether we discuss evolution – God created each after their own kind,(Genesis one), – or the two genders, – or the right relationship between the two – the God ordained rules don’t change regardless of how we manipulate them. Cell phones and people simply don’t work if you try to change the rules.