Good Morning May 23

We had a great blessing in our family yesterday. The adoption of two year old Will was finalized for our daughter Rebekah. We all went to court yesterday morning, sat in the court room while the formal legal procedures were dealt with, and heard the judge make his final decree. It is done. Will is no longer in custody. He is your son. We wept and rejoiced at the same time. A many month process was now over. That act, along with what God will do this coming Sunday when we have the privilege of baptizing Will, declares him to be a child of God. I am reminded of Jesus words from the cross. “It is finished.” By His atoning act on the cross the legal judgment against us was over. The Judge has made His decree. We are no longer in custody. And by the waters of baptism with the promise of God’s Word we are declared His child. It is done. As we approach each new day as a child of God, it is with humble gratitude for all that He is and all that He has done.  We rejoice in the new life that has now been given.