Good Morning May 26

I have two baptisms coming up in the near future. One of my grandson that I mentioned earlier in the week. The other an adult who has been faithfully coming to church for some months. An important truth about baptism is that it is God’s work of regeneration in the life of the baptized. Each time we see a baptism we are reminded that this is what God had done for us in our own baptism. Even at six weeks of age when I was baptized God brought me into His new life, He redeemed me, gave me the indwelling presence of His Spirit, and delivered me from death and the power of the devil. He did that for each of us when we were baptized. It is nice to feel close to God, to feel His presence and guidance for our days. But whether we do or not, we live with the solid truth that we were redeemed by the precious blood of Jesus Christ, and that was applied to us personally in our baptism. That date, that certificate, is important. God did that, and neither my present mood nor the devil’s lies can change it. We can trust God’s good grace.