Good Morning June 1

Everyone wants and evaluation of how they are doing. We bought a chair a couple weeks ago. The furniture store has sent me two requests to rate their service. You buy from Amazon and they want to know how satisfied you were with the transaction. Even the doctors office and hospital wants you to rate their service. OK, I understand about competition and wanting to satisfy more customers so they come back. Personally I find it a nuisance. But it is also something individuals want to know. Unless one’s ego is so big they already believe they are the greatest, they want to have a sense of acceptance and value. But our God has said, “I created you. I love you. I have given my life to redeem you. You are my child for Jesus sake.” We can have no greater status or acceptance than that. We can be content in the truth that in Christ we are children of the King. It matters very little how anyone else sees us.