Good Morning June 5

I look out of my office window at our back yard. The predominant color is green in the grass, trees, shrubs, and plants. Yet there is a tremendous variety of shades from light, near to yellow, to dark and almost black. It is the variation that give it beauty. It would be a very dull scene if all were a single shade. So it is with life, and especially with the marriage relationship between a man and a woman. God created them to be complementary. To be complete we need what the other has to share. Sometimes I use that lament of Professor Higgins in My Fair Lady to my wife, “Oh why can’t a woman be like a man?” when I don’t understand something she is trying to share. But that is not how God made us. We need to be patient and exercise some humility, realizing that I can frustrate the other as much as they do to me. In all relationships there must be room for truth, patience, forgiveness, and sacrificial love.