Good Morning June 9

At the Grand Canyon in Arizona there is a glass walkway that has been built at one location so that visitors can look straight down into its depth. The walkway allows people to get a true perspective of the depth of that gorge. If one only looks across the gorge to a sunset or the beautiful colors of the rock they do not see the tremendous gulf that separates them. There is something of a parable for life here. We live our day to day routine that we see as normal. This is what life is. Some good days. Some not so good days. It is like looking across the expanse of the canyon. What we don’t fully realize is the depth that sin has cut a deep gorge into human life. There is a tremendous gulf that separates the sinful nature of our earthly life and the majestic holiness of Almighty God. It is only the Lord Jesus Christ, the Redeemer God has given, that can bridge that gorge, and bring us into the beauty of His holiness.