Good Morning June 14

God created us to be in relationships with one another, and with Himself. That is why I wrote as I did yesterday about the loss of letter writing and more personal forms of communication. The electronic media has its place, but we should not want it to detract from true person to person communion. Our church congregation has had a sister congregation relationship with a Lutheran church in Mishi, Tanzania for about 15 year. I have the privilege today of going back to see them and renew friendship. For this reason Good Morning will be taking a break from this writing until July 3rd. I covet you prayer for safety in travel for our group of 20, that it would be a valuable experience for all, especially those going for the first time, and that in whatever opportunities we have to share, our Lord Jesus will be lifted up. Pray also for my wife and those who remain at home, and for my congregation as I am away. I will try to give you updates on my Facebook page. How about that! The old man is putting at least a toe into the modern age. God’s richest blessings to you all.