Good Morning July 11

There is an article in a recent TIME magazine about the way anger and hatred have taken over much of the discourse in America, and even spilling over into the violent acts we’ve all too frequently seen. Break Point is a five minute radio commentary from Charles Colson’s organization. Two of their recent commentaries have been on the need for civility in our conversations. I think even a casual observer of our media can see the truth of these comments. I am a conservative, biblically grounded Christian. I hold strong views on marriage, sexuality, and the sanctity of life. But I’m not against anyone. It is not my place to condemn any person for whom my Lord died. I do hate sin, those things that are contrary to God’s good will for the people He created. I hate sin because it denies the best life from ones whom God loves. Yet it is my task to speak in as much love as the Lord gives me grace to speak. That others may be drawn to that love and want all the best God has for them. Anger and hatred, course speech, and unseemly humor never drew anyone to the grace of our good Lord. You are the light of God in the world. Let your light shine.

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