Good Morning July 12

Yesterday I wrote about anger and the lack of civility being the tone of our country in recent years.  Jesus used the illustration of a tree bearing good or bad fruit, and said , ”For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.”(Luke 6:45) What our current times are showing us is the truth the Church has been preaching since its beginning, that the heart is corrupt and in need of a change.(Jeremiah 17:9) All of our advanced medicines, our psychologies, and our self-help books cannot change the heart. The only One who can is the Lord who gave His life in order to exchange His righteousness for our sin. Only Jesus can change a heart. Unfortunately, as a people, we have moved further and further away from that One who gives new life. We see the result of bad fruit in our world. Even so, the Good News is that God doesn’t abandon us. His Spirit is still reaching out to any heart that is open to Him. And for those whose hearts have been touched by Jesus they are called to use their actions and their words to show that there is a different and better way of life.