Good Morning July 17

Picture sitting with  a laptop computer in the lap,  a two and a half year old grandchild on one side, and a year and a half old on the other side. I’m trying to find something while little hands want to push buttons on either side. Any attempt find something that might be fun for them to see becomes rather impossible with the constant “me do” on either side. It seems to me a good parable for our times. We have a Father who has give us the good will for our lives.  That will leads to what is good for each of us. Yet in our self will we want to punch our own buttons. “We do”! We know better than God does. We choose whatever seems to make us happy for the time. But somehow the screen of life isn’t all that much fun in the long run. It really only leads to confusion.  It’s past time that we let our Father show us the right buttons in His Holy Word.