Good Morning July 20

There is an interesting verse in Isaiah chapter two which says, “Their land has also been filled with idols; They worship the work of their hands, That which their fingers have made.”(vs.8) It is in the context of God’s people taking up the practices of the foreign nations around them, abandoning humility and trust in their one true God. There are so many verses like this one that can be applied more or less directly to our own times. Our setting of course is different, but our sins are the same. We make Idols of many things. We worship the works of our own hands. The Lord has always sought humility and trust from His people. Yet He is too often met with arrogance and self will. God has given mankind many talents and abilities. He has given us creative minds. He looks for us to use all He has given to the fullest. But He look for us to acknowledge Him as the Giver and to seek His wisdom in the use of all that He gives. When we fail to do this, we find ourselves in the same troubles as the people to whom Isaiah had to  speak. Look again into God’s Word. It has many lessons for life.