Good Morning July 21

I said in my message yesterday that the Lord wants us to live with Him in humility and trust. What that means is our willingness to put ourselves, and the direction of our lives into His hands. That is not an easy thing for us to do. We always want to be in control. We want to know what is ahead. But our good Lord doesn’t work that way. In fact, the only way it does work is if we truly realize the depth of love God has for us, and are willing to trust that love completely. God has given us a clear illustration of this in the relationship of wives to husbands. Now I’m in delicate territory, especially since we’ve generally messed this up badly. Ephesians five calls for wives to submit to their husbands – a very unpopular word today. But it goes on to say that husbands are to love their wives sacrificially in the same way that Christ loved the Church. If a wife truly believed that her husband loved her to that depth then submission, complete trust, would be natural. Our sinful natures in a broken world have made this very difficult. However, it doesn’t change the way our Lord desires that we come to Him. He really does love us completely, and has proven that love on Calvary. He invites us to trust that love more each day, and yield our lives more into His hands.