Good Morning July 26

We have become accustomed to instant worldwide communication. We see images from across the globe of events as they are happening. We send a text or an e-mail that can be read moments later anywhere in the world. This is the marvel of our electronic age. In another sense we’ve always had a communication tool, even greater then this, always available. Jesus used one of His parables “to show that at all times (we) ought to pray and not to lose heart…” (Luke 18:1) Prayer is a more effective communications tool than all the electronic devices we have. It reaches beyond all barriers, and is not dependent upon any battery or power source except faith in our one true God. Prayer has reached to the depth of the person standing next to us, and to the one who is half way around the world. Prayer has brought healing, strength, encouragement, and new life like no text or e-mail could ever do. Be encouraged to pray and trust the One who knows us and loves us to the depth of our being.